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In episode 6 of “Social Learning Amplified,” Eric Mazur invites Professors Cathy N. Davidson and Christina Katopodis from The City University of New York (CUNY) to discuss their new book, The New College Classroom. They discuss active learning, changing their classrooms, and creating an environment that is truly conducive to learning.

Episode 18: A Look at Ludic Pedagogy Social Learning Amplified hosted by Eric Mazur

This episode is part of the Social Learning Amplified's Active Learning Series. Host Eric Mazur chats with guests Dr. Sharon Lauricella and Dr. T. Keith Edmunds about their book, Ludic Pedagogy: A Seriously Fun Way to Teach and Learn. The book advocates for incorporating fun and positive experiences into the college classroom, challenging the notion that learning and fun are mutually exclusive. Find out more: Ludic Pedagogy: A Seriously Fun Way to Teach and Learn is available in the Perusall Catalog! You can also purchase it at:
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