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Cathy N. Davidson presented at ASU’s REMOTE Summit on July 13, 2020. Watch the full session here:

Teaching online magnifies the choices we have made in our onsite courses. The dull lecturer at the podium easily becomes the sleep-inducing talking head on Zoom. In this presentation, learning and technology innovator Cathy N. Davidson offers practical advice on how to turn asynchronous and synchronous online courses into opportunities for inspiring active learning and democratic participation. She invites us to trust students, especially first generation students and those from underserved backgrounds, as contributors to their education and that of their peers. Students master content while building the “soft” or “essential” life skills that support their agency and success. Davidson was joined by Christina Katopodis, coauthor of their book, tentatively titled “Transforming Every Classroom: A Practical Guide to Revolutionary Teaching and Learning” (under contract to Harvard UP, anticipated Fall 2022). A prize-winning adjunct professor, Katopodis offers special insights to those in new or precarious academic careers.

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Cathy N. Davidson

Cathy N. Davidson

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