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Duke Professors Cathy N. Davidson and David F. Bell co-created the Duke PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge in 2012 to supplement the education of PhD and MFA students, primarily but not exclusive in the human and social sciences, with a range of digital technologies, workshops on digital self-presentation and publication, and multimodal and multimedia scholarly communication.  The PhD lab  provides an arena in which students can learn about new digital scholarship, engage with its challenges, and see its promise for their own research and professional lives within or outside the university. Innovations in the digital, informational, and computational fields are generating new forms of pedagogy and shaping novel modes of scholarship.  The PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge is part of the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute that was co-founded by Davidson in 1998.


PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge website


What exactly is a PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge? Blog post by Cathy Davidson


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