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In 2006, Davidson began teaching classes where students work in teams of two or four (depending on the class size) and set the syllabus and assignments for the other students.   All assignments are conducted in public online, with students using pseudonyms to comply with FERPA rulings, except in two “public contributions to knowledge,” where students use their own names on finished work that is presented as would be a polished, scholarly article.

Teaching 2.0: Make a Class do Cartwheels, Eric Ferreri, DukeToday, posted Februray 11, 2013, accessed March 25, 2013,

Join Our @DukeSurprise Course! Getting Real w/ Profs @CathyNDavidson and @danariely, Cathy Davidson, HASTAC, posted February 17, 2013, accessed March 25, 2013

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