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Conceived and taught by Futures Initiative Director Cathy N. Davidson and Graduate Center President Emeritus William P. Kelly, Mapping the Futures of Higher Education was a radically interdisciplinary graduate class that used innovative pedagogy and a new open source online tool to connect and network more than 365 undergraduate students across ten CUNY colleges, each of them taught by one of the graduate students in the seminar. Though the subject matter varied from one class to another—from computer science to classics—each class pioneered active peer pedagogy to achieve the best student outcomes while also building a strong community. One final project from the course was a series of student-created maps and a video “flyover” tour of NYC and CUNY. Each student also designed a syllabus applying the principles they learned in the course. We hosted a year-end celebration with graduate students and their undergraduate students from across the CUNY colleges.

To assess the program’s effectiveness, the Futures Initiative engaged two Urban Education doctoral students, Deborah Greenblatt and Janey Flanagan, to conduct an evaluation. Their analysis shows that both undergraduate and graduate students considered the course and teaching methods to be highly effective. Read the full report (PDF).

Learn more about the course.

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