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Thanks to generous funding from the Teagle Foundation, the Provost at CUNY Central, and the Provost at the Graduate Center, we’ve been able to support up to thirty undergraduates each year, chosen from across CUNY.  The CUNY Leadership and Peer Mentoring Fellows undergo extensive leadership training that emphasizes how one can help to motivate, galvanize, inspire, and be inspired by one’s community–whether in school or beyond.

Directed by Futures Initiative Administrative Specialist and current graduate student Lauren Melendez, with co-directors Mike Rifino and Kashema Hutchinson (both FI Fellows), the CUNY Leadership and Peer Mentoring Fellows represent the best in students helping students to thrive.  Many of the undergraduate Fellows have been nominated by their instructors who are themselves graduate students in Futures Initiative doctoral courses at the Graduate Center.   Peers mentoring peers mentoring peers . . .

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