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Would you like to see how student-led learning works in a graduate class?  You can “lurk” or join our Group on and watch student-led learning unfold in real time.   Anyone one who joins HASTAC (it’s free; data is treated respectfully and never, ever sold!) can also join our “Black Listed” Group.

In Spring 2018, I’m co-teaching a course with Baruch College Professor Shelly Eversley, “Black Listed: African American Writers and the Cold War Politics of Integration, Surveillance, Censorship, and Publication.”  This is a student-led course where the students design the syllabus of readings from among a core of preselected topics (many of which they modify) and present material, supplemented by my insights on pedagogy and Prof Eversley’s on the subject of the course (which is also the title of a book she is finishing).   The class meets every Tuesday.  Join us!

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