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Cathy N. Davidson’s new book The New Education is mentioned in Julie Johnson’s “Three Takeaways: Complete College America Annual Convening.”

Johnson writes:

“Complete College America announced that over the next year, the new CCA Fellows, composed of top leaders in higher education, will work together to rethink some of the core tenets of the higher education system to better align to students’ needs and to better support student success.

There are many good ideas already on the table to consider, from Cathy Davidson’s New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World in Fluxto the recently released American Academy of Arts and Sciences report, The Future of Undergraduate Education, the Future of America, and more.

Faculty Guild believes it would be good to consider how institutional structures, resources, and incentives address the faculty we have today – 50% of today’s faculty nationally are adjuncts or part-time contingent. At community colleges, this rate jumps to 70%. We need to identify and change systems that may hinder faculty, at all levels, from learning about and collaborating in the completion work.”

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