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“In a recent Chronicle Review essay with the clickbait headline (which the authors did not write) “Why the University’s Insatiable Appetite Will Be Its Undoing,” Adam Daniel and Chad Wellmon, respectively an administrator and a professor at the University of Virginia, argue that the university should be more focused on what it does best — teaching and research — and less responsive to broad social pressures: “To save itself and to better serve its democratic purpose, the university needs to be not more but less reactive to public demands.”

There are serious problems with arguments like this, much in the air right now, that blame universities for everything: overbuilding, high tuition, teaching too many subjects, incurring too much debt. Universities, according to Daniel and Wellmon, are simply doing too much all around.

Maybe that’s true for UVa, though I suspect not. It is certainly not true for the majority of the universities in the United States facing serious economic problems, problems which are not of their own making…”

Read the full article here.

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