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The Duke Today website featured two upcoming classes that Cathy Davidson will teach in the Spring semester.  One graduate and one undergraduate course will offer students a chance to participate in what she’s called a Meta-MOOC.  Read more.


In the spring, two Duke professors will offer what they’re calling a “Meta-MOOC,” a face-to-face course for Duke undergraduates where the undergraduates turn the course content into online public Web offerings.  They will be partnering in producing the public online course with graduate students who will also be learning the theory and history behind the best ways to learn, teach, publish, and do research on line.

The undergrad piece will be called “Surprise Endings: Social Science and Literature,” taught by Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist, and Cathy Davidson, an English professor with vast experience in digital learning. Davidson will teach the graduate course, called “Digital Literacy, Digital Knowledge and Digital Humanities: Theories, Methods and Tools for Research and Teaching.”

The venture is advertised as a crowd-sourced attempt to learn how to learn and think how to think. The free, online piece of the course may utilize public discussion groups, book chats, broadcasts of interviews students conduct with the professors, and quizzes, papers and peer evaluation.

“To our knowledge, this is the first time — certainly at Duke and maybe elsewhere too — that students taking a course will be actually working together to turn that course into public, open content,” Davidson said. “It will be a kind of ‘open university course’ that anyone in the world with an Internet connection can participate in.”

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