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“…Cathy Davidson, distinguished professor of cultural history and technology at the City University of New York, would like to challenge them [disciplines] far more radically.

She has pursued much of her career in English departments and, early on, published Revolution and the Word: The Rise of the Novel in America. Yet she has “never been one of those ‘disappear-into-a novel’ kind of English professors” and initially sought to situate literary texts in the broader context of “the last information age – the one spawned by new steam-printing technologies and machine-made paper and ink that brought down the price of books”. She has continued to be “interested in relationships across technology, expressive culture, political action and education” and has published on everything from love letters to brain science and Japan.

As well as ranging widely herself, Davidson has devoted considerable energy to helping others do the same…”

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Cathy N. Davidson

Cathy N. Davidson

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