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Hampshire College released an announcement today that it will take a bold new direction to center its curriculum and student experience to match today’s challenges and needs. Cathy N. Davidson’s The New Education is at the heart of that transformation.

“Hampshire College has done what everyone says cannot be done: it has taken seriously the challenges students face today and remade itself to prepare students to face those challenges.” said Dr. Cathy Davidson, Founding Director of the Futures Initiative at the Graduate Center, CUNY, and author of The New Education:  How To Revolutionize the University To Prepare Students for a World in Flux. “As someone who watches educational change, I can say definitively that this is the most profound, extensive, and exciting transformation I have seen anywhere. Most of higher education prepares students for the challenges of higher education.  What is astonishing about Hampshire’s new vision is that, in every way, it is designed to prepare each and every student, in any field and with any ambition, for the challenges both in school and beyond.”

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