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The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s breaking news blog, The Ticker, released this post about Cathy’s upcoming move to the CUNY Graduate Center where she will join the Ph.D. program in English and head up the Futures Initiative.  The full text of the post is below, or you can visit their website here.  


Cathy Davidson, Scholar of Learning Innovation, to Join CUNY Grad Center

The Graduate Center of the City University of New York has announced that Cathy N. Davidson, a leading interdisciplinary and learning-innovation scholar, will join its faculty this summer. Ms. Davidson is now a professor of interdisciplinary studies and of English at Duke University, where she has also served as vice provost for interdisciplinary studies.

Ms. Davidson will hold an academic appointment in the Graduate Center’s English Ph.D. program and will direct CUNY’s systemwide Futures Initiative, which seeks to advance collaborative and participatory innovation in higher education, the center said in a news release.

Chase F. Robinson, interim president of the Graduate Center, said that CUNY, as the largest urban public-university system in the nation, would be the “ideal incubator” for Ms. Davidson’s “visionary ideas about 21st-century learning and teaching.”

Since January 27, Ms. Davidson has been teaching a six-week MOOC on the history and future of higher education through Duke’s Coursera platform, while also teaching a face-to-face graduate class on the same topic. The students in that course, who are helping to facilitate the MOOC, are blogging at The Chronicle about the design of the MOOC and the ideas being discussed.

Ms. Davidson discussed the project’s goals in an introductory post.

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