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Cathy was interviewed by Channel NewsAsia during her participation in the Second International Summit of the Book held in Singapore.  She is quoted as saying, “Much of the Industrial Age value system is about teaching content as if it is fixed, and as if education teaches you something that will then last you a lifetime.

“There have been many studies. The Australians did a study about five years ago that said 65 per cent of 15-year-olds will end up working in professions that have not yet been invented. The OECD did one that… (showed) the average American changes careers – not jobs, but careers – four to six times.

“But our education system is still based on the idea that content is… something you can measure, something finite, and not a disposition to learn…

“I am sure it is similar in Singapore. In the United States, the pressure on young people to get every answer right is quite astonishing, and I am not sure that is right. I think we are failing our students in some profound ways by forcing them to think that getting the one best answer out of five possible choices is really preparing them for the world of the Internet.”

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