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36 Views of Mount Fuji: On Finding Myself in Japan

“Appealing...No one could have tried harder to fathom Japanese culture than Davidson. The result is a series of illuminations not unlike the sudden break in the clouds that finally lets her glimpse Mount Fuji from the window of a bullet train.”
Francine Prose, New York Times
A professor at Duke who has lived in Japan on four occasions, Davidson writes perceptively, frankly, and personally about her struggles to understand Japanese ways. She also attempts to reconcile those ways with her own life.
Davidson has much to say about the role of women in both cultures and of the problems of trying to live in both worlds, but, unlike most authors of this genre, she is nonjudgmental and fair. This is one of the best “explanations” of Japanese culture, and our problems in understanding it, that has come along in years. Highly recommended.