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What an amazing week! On Amazon (yes, yes, I agree about its horrifically exploitative practices), we were #1 in “new releases” in all the categories: Higher Education, Pedagogy, Multicultural Education, Educational Administration, and a bunch more. In all books, we were down around #2020 for a brief time. Incredible. And, for our official launch at the GC CUNY, we had a full house and over 800 registrants and, yes, we did Think Pair Share! (My fav moment was when we launched a poll of “what do you like least about teaching?” and 92% of the Zoom audience viewers chose “GRADING”… a perfect moment to talk about (you guessed it) “UnGrading.”

Thank you everyone who made this book possible. Thank you everyone who cares about teaching, futures, students, the next generation, an ethical way to live and to be, critically and creatively in the world.

PICTURED: Prof Nerve V Macaspac, College of State Island, proudly holds “The New College Classroom” in which he is featured. L-R: Nerve Mascaspac, Cathy Davidson, Professor Shelly Eversley (Baruch), Jessica Murray (Transformative Learning in the Humanities), Christina Katopodis. A very happy occasion!

We’re launched! Sept 7, 2022 Graduate Center, CUNY

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