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I will blog later about my wonderful time in Vancouver, WA, at Washington State University, Vancouver.   The remarkable #NextChapter program selected Now You See It as a “city reads” and “WSU reads” book and I gave a lecture at a lunch for business leaders and then another at a beautiful, renovated 1936 Kiggins Theater downtown for the town.  Really inspiring, all of it.  And on Saturday a wonderful student in the Creative Media and Digital Culture program, Amalia Vacca, took me on a tour of the campus and a tour of the surrounding area.  My favorite moment was when she took me in the electronic literature lab which has probably two dozen Macs from the beginning of Apple to the present and she described it as “Steve Jobs, No Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, No Steve Jobs.”   Below, the gorgeous turquoise blue Mac that signaled Jobs’s return.


And, also below the marquee of Kiggins theater, celebrating the visit onstage of an  “Author and Scholar.”  How often does that happen?


Thank you, Vancouver, Washington.  Impressive!Marquee Vancouver WA





Lab in Creative Media and Digital Culture

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