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Students in Cathy N. Davidson’s spring 2016 “American Literature, American Learning” course wrote this book to teach others how to turn any class into an engaged, active, student-led and student-centered learning experience.

Structuring Equality shows us how to turn the theories of Dewey, Freire, hooks, and Dweck into actual pedagogical practice. It’s a step-by-easy-step guide, with essays, lesson plans, and assignments designed to enliven and inspire any classroom. Written and edited by graduate and undergraduate students, the book models new ways of redressing structural inequality in our classrooms, institutions, and society at large.”
—Cathy N. Davidson, Distinguished Professor and Founding Director, the Futures Initiative, The Graduate Center (CUNY) and Co-Founder and Director, HASTAC

Download the book on HASTAC.

Purchase the book on Amazon.

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