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Here is an update about the amazing #FutureEd Initiative from Hilary Culbertson, Program Manager for HASTAC:


Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to offer an update on HASTAC FutureEd Initiative, taking place around the world this semester! Some seventy courses, conferences, and reading groups around the world are participating in this remarkable project with discussions and events, many of them public.

As you know, this semester Cathy Davidson is teaching a MOOC on “The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education” as well as team-teaching the class as ISIS 640/691 along with David Palumbo-Liu in the Comparative Literature Department at Stanford, Christopher Newfield in the English Department at UC Santa Barbara, and joined by Howard Rheingold of UC Berkeley and Doris Sommer of Harvard University for a series of public Google Hangouts.

We also invite you to check out the website that the Chronicle of Higher Education has made for this course.  Each week, two students in the ISIS course file stories on a range of topics including internationalization, the adjunct crisis, standardized testing, peer grading, diversity, and the role of the liberal arts in the future of higher education.  This is the first time the Chronicle has given a course such prominence or had students reporting in this way and we are all very proud.  The students are doctoral, MFA, and undergraduate students from Duke as well as from the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University. You can read those columns here: Several of these students are Scholars in our PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge.

We also have approximately eighty contributions by graduate and undergraduate HASTAC Scholars to our “Pedagogy Project.”  We will soon be compiling those into a book on HASTAC.

In the past month, people have Tweeted with the #FutureEd hashtag more than 4,000 times. Join in the conversation:

FutureEd’s Facebook page:
Twitter hashtag: #FutureEd
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If you are interested in this HASTAC #FutrueEd Initiative, please contact me at and I’ll add you to our bimonthly mailing list of events.

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